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Offering training programs in a hybrid or virtual format adds convenience, flexibility and reduces cost. But, mastering hybrid is critical to achieving a balanced, connected learning experience for both the in-room and the remote participants. How do you ensure that remote employees are present and an equal contributor in the same way that in-room participants are? Many best practices have emerged to help L&D managers take the right steps toward embracing a distributed training environment.
Achieving An Optimal Training Mode
Download the whitepaper and explore the many lessons L&D managers have learnt in adapting in-person training programs to hybrid, blended, and online formats.

•    Benefits and challenges of remote learning

•    How to adapt virtual tech to different learning objectives

•    9 questions to ask before planning a learning journey

•    Why is virtual learning different from virtual meetings?

•    Where does web conferencing fall short?

•    Using next-gen technology to train remote employees